2019 Cougar 26RBS

Our brand new Keystone Cougar 26RBS travel trailer flooded on our first trip and continues to flood.

We purchased a 2019 Cougar 26RBS in early July of 2019. On our first camping trip we noticed a leak. We traced the leak to the window in the front cap. The mattress was soaked.

We took the unit back to dealership for repair. The dealership where we bought it kept it for more than three weeks. Supposedly, they took the window out and corrected the issue. They claimed it was the seal around window. In addition, the repaired a few other little things; interior cosmetic issues.

Obviously, when we had our first rain after we got our trailer back went out to inspect the new seal job. That repair had worked and the mattress was dry. The initial leak had been repaired.

The floor had flooded and the carpet was soaked. Due to a new leak in the slide, we had a new problem. Next, we realized that the skylight over the shower had leaked as well.

Again, we will be taking our brand new travel trailer in this week for repairs. The dealership has our camper more than we do. Thankfully, the unit is still under warranty. But we’re starting to wonder if we will ever be able to use our brand new Cougar 26RBS.

— Guest Contributor

Keystone RV Sucks

For those with issues, get in line at Keystone RV Customer Service. You can try emailing them at www.ownerrelations@keystonerv.com. Try calling their office at 866-425-4369. Usually they answer and seem like they are going to help. Owners are normally blamed for whatever is wrong with the unit.

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Camping World Sucks As Well

Keystone bed mate Camping World also has a reputation that seriously sucks. Sharing Camping World experiences on CampingWorldSucks.net is just a click away.

The reason that these blogs have a “.net” is because Keystone and Camping World own the “.com” sites. Do you own the ThisBusinessSucks.com version of your business’ website? . . . Me either.

Keystone Outback 250RS

We bought a 2014 Keystone Outback 250RS in July of 2013. Nine months later the gel-coat on the front cap was failing and turning powdery. I brought it to a local dealer for the delamination and other warranty items. They apparently never did anything with my claim except maybe toss in the trash. We hadn’t bought that unit from that shop.

2014 Keystone Outback 2014 Delamination
2014 Keystone Outback 250RS delamination on the nose cap.

The claim was being handled too slowly. After a few months, I contacted Keystone directly. I talked to a very nice customer service person who assured me that it would be looked into. A month later still nothing.

Common Keystone Delamination

I started seeing other Keystone units with the exact same problem. Ergo, I started photographing them. I called Keystone and they said it was an environmental problem not a materials problem. Therefore, not their problem.

Next, I started emailing several different areas of Keystone’s management; customer service, warranty, customer satisfaction, etc. While I remained civil and polite, I let them know that I was collecting documentation from other owners about this problem. Finally, I got a call back from customer satisfaction saying that, “even though this issue is not caused by workmanship or defective materials they would be willing to contribute $500 towards the repair.”

Keystone Answers

After more cajoling, they upped the offer. Finally, they made a written offer to send a $1500.00 check if I would sign a release that basically said this is all we’re going to do. Now go away!

Hence, I took the check and repaired it myself matching the paint to some 1980’s Chrysler colors that were close. However, I did not re-apply the keystone outback stickers to the front so that people would ask me “hey what happened to your camper” Great design for a towable RV, but terrible execution.

Guest Contributor

Contact Thor Industries

Recently someone reported getting results by contacting Thor directly. For that reason, try calling Thor, the parent company of Keystone, maker of the Outback 250RS. This is another avenue in the complaint process. To attempt results, try Thor custom support online. Furthermore, their customer support number is (877) 855-2867.

Keystone RV Sucks

To reach Keystone RV Customer Service try emailing them at www.ownerrelations@keystonerv.com. Due to lack of results, try calling their office at 866-425-4369.

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Camping World Also Sucks

Camping World, who seems to be in bed with Keystone, also has a reputation that sucks. Click to share your Camping World experiences at CampingWorldSucks.net.

2015 Keystone Bullet 27BHS

2015 Keystone Bullet 27BHSOur story began on our first trip of 2015.

While pulling our Keystone Bullet 27BHS to southern Indiana, both front rubber inserts began flapping in the wind. We called the dealer and they said to just remove them and bring it in after our trip.

While on vacation, the kitchen counter started coming apart. Then the molding fell off the slide out, and the bathroom vent was leaking.

It was at the dealer for a long while. This was due to my rejection of their poor craftsmanship while making the repairs.

Second Bullet 27BHS Outing

On our next trip with our “repaired” Bullet 27BHS our camping neighbors unplugged our power cord because it was smoking. According to the dealership the battery shorted out and burnt the inverter. The battery was not included in the warranty. Next, the awning was ripped off by the wind.

More Trouble

Currently the front of our camper is wavy. The insurance will not pay. They said it is water damage. Of course, the dealership wouldn’t say if it was water damage or not. I did my own inspection and found no area where water could be getting in. There are no signs of water damage inside the camper. After researching this it’s called de-lamination. A common problem with this unit, but the manufacturer refuses to correct the issue. Furthermore, the dealer wants $2,500 to repair this.

— Guest Contributor

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Camping World Also Sucks

Additionally, Camping World, who seems to be in bed with Keystone, has a reputation that sucks. Share your Camping World nightmares here at CampingWorldSucks.net.

Keystone Premier 26RBS

We have a 2017 Keystone Premier 26RBS. Ergo, we had lots of problems. Some were small issues initially. First, the furnace duct work was not connected properly. Next, strapping was falling off the ceiling. In addition, they cut a hole for electrical or plumbing, sawdust everywhere.

There are also larger problems. For instance, the CO2 didn’t going off when one of the stove dials were left on by mistake.

The Axle Problem

Most importantly, biggest problem was the axle pin was not set into hole provided which has caused our trailer to lean to the right. It wears out our tires and cause a leak to one of the grey tanks. We had no idea the trailer was leaning until we were followed by family. They took pictures.

We sent Keystone pictures of the axle pin out of place. In addition, pictures of the condition of our tires and of the grey tank leak. Consequently, our trailer was at the dealership for over eight months. They were trying to sort out who’s problem this was. The warranty company said it was a manufacturing defect. Keystone blamed Dexter who made the axles. But Dexter does not assemble the trailers. In the end Keystone says it’s our fault claiming we overloaded our trailer.

No Keystone Accountability

Keystone will not take responsibility for their poor workmanship. In other words, in the end we had to pay out of pocket to get our trailer back. We are obviously not happy and do not recommend any trailers that are under the THOR umbrella, especially the Keystone Premier 26RBS .

Lots more to this story. In other words, this is just a condensed version. To anyone who is looking for a trailer please do your homework. Investigate the trailer company and see if they fall under THOR industries.

Thor Industries

Above all, we highly recommend avoiding Thor products and their subsidiaries. Therefore, here is a list of manufacturers under the Thor umbrella of products.

  • Airstream
  • Bison Coach, horse trailers with living quarters
  • Breckenridge
  • CrossRoads RV
  • Cruiser RV (CRV)
  • DRV
  • Dutchmen RV
  • Entegra
  • Heartland RV
  • Highland Ridge
  • Hymer
  • Jayco
  • Keystone RV, maker of the Keystone Premier 26RBS
  • KZ RV, acquired by Thor in 2014
  • Livin Lite RV, acquired by Thor in 2013, shut the division down in 2018
  • Redwood RV
  • Starcraft RV
  • Thor Motor Coach (merged Four Winds International and Damon Motor Coach)
  • Venture RV

Guest Contributor

Contact Thor Industries

I recently read that someone, somewhere got some results by contacting Thor directly. Thor is the parent company of Keystone, maker of the Premier 26RBS. Certainly this is another avenue. First, to avoid more aggravation, try Thor custom support online. Next, their customer support number is (877) 855-2867.

Keystone RV Sucks

To reach Keystone RV Customer Service (ha ha) email them at www.ownerrelations@keystonerv.com. If you’re looking for some real frustration call their office at 866-425-4369.

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Camping World Equally Sucks

In addition, Camping World, who seems to be in bed with Keystone, has a reputation that sucks. Click here to share your Camping World experiences at CampingWorldSucks.net.

Keystone 272BH

I purchased a 2018 Keystone 272BH two and a half months ago. I have only been able to camp once. The biggest piece of junk on the planet!

The back door leaked while it was on the lot. Ergo, the bathroom floor is now completely rotten.

Keystone 272BH interior
Looks can be deceiving; Keystone 272BH (bunkhouse) travel trailer.

My first ever new camper is tainted. The toilet will not hold water even after I replaced the gasket. In addition, the water heater will not heat water with propane. Also, the marker lights on the outside of the camper were not even wired.

Last but definitely not least, the converter fried on my second trip (cutting it short). As a result, I walked into a camper full of smoke. Am I’m supposed to be comfortable with my family sleeping in this trash?

Certainly, I will never be happy with this Keystone 272 BH. The best news is they won’t replace or recall these tremendous hunks of crap. Keystone just wants to fix the broken pieces.

Above all, Keystone RV could not care less about people, families, children, etc. They have absolutely zero concern for life safety. Their customer service is horrible, too!!!

Keystone RV only cares about that almighty dollar and screwing the little guy.

— Guest Contributor

Keystone RV Sucks

To reach Keystone RV Customer Service (ha ha) email them at www.ownerrelations@keystonerv.com. If you’re looking for some real frustration call their office at 866-425-4369.

Visit our Contributor page to share your Keystone RV experiences.

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Keystone Recalls Fuzion

Pinched Wiring

Keystone recalls Fuzion campers due to fire hazard. Keystone RV Company is recalling certain 2018-2020 Fuzion 429 campers. The wiring harness to the power center may have been pinched. The pinch is between the floor framing and chassis beam. Potential damage to the wiring harness has warranted the Keystone recall of late model Fuzions.


Keystone will notify owners of the Fuzion recall. Dealers will inspect and repair the wiring as needed, free of charge.

The Keystone recall of Fuzion 429 models is expected to begin July 19, 2019.

The damaged wiring harness may short circuit. Therefore, there is an increased risk of a fire.

Fuzion owners may contact Keystone customer service at 1-866-425-4369. Keystone’s number for this recall is 19-351 on their website.

Fuzion owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153). Visit their website at Recalls.gov.

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Keystone RV Wheel Bearings

On Father’s Day 2018, on our way home to Colorado, our wheel bearings deteriorated. Technically, the wheel bearings deteriorated and chewed up the axle on our six-month-old fifth wheel.

After spending the night in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we headed north. On the ramp to the expressway smoke started pouring from the back axle of our fifth wheel. As a result, we were stuck on the side of the highway for the next six hours.

2018 Keystone Cougar axle damage after six months.

On the side of the road, we found that the wheel was about to come off the axel. We called Good Sam Roadside Assistance. However, our complimentary year was never registered. Read that story here.

Towing was not an option. It took quite a while to find a Santa Fe, mobile mechanic to help. It was Sunday and a holiday.

2018 Keystone Cougar RV wheel bearings deteriorated after six months.

The mechanic found the problem. The RV wheel bearings had deteriorated and destroyed one axle. Ergo, the tire was about to fly off and there was nothing to screw it back on to. Additionally, the bearings on the second axle were deteriorating. Those bearings had yet to do damage to the other axle.

Heading Home

The Santa Fe mechanic ordered a new axle and wheel bearings from the axle manufacturer. Consequently, we left for home without our unit.

It took two weeks for the axle to be delivered from Indiana to New Mexico. The mechanics installed the axle the day it arrived. We drove back to New Mexico to pick up our unit.

In the end, I can say that David Burns and his mechanics were awesome. On the other hand, there was Keystone RV. We paid $1,300 in labor costs. Ergo, I contacted Keystone directly for a reimbursement. That process took several weeks.

However, we got a reimbursement approval just in time for the next fiasco. The roof failed weeks later.

Read our Camping World experiences at CampingWorldSucks.net. Share your Camping World stories here.

Please share your own Keystone RV experiences here. Above all, through our stories, we can warn others and hope for a change in business practices.

Keystone RV Roof Failure

There is a prelude to the story that follows, dealing with Camping World on our Keystone RV Roof Failure. Our experience with Keystone can only be outdone by our experience with Camping World. Read that story at CampingWorldSucks.net.

We went to Camping World (CW) for a warranty inspection when our seven-month-old roof fell apart. Their warranty submission required us to sign away our rights to an estimate. We refused and went directly to Keystone. Ergo, KeystoneRVsucks.net was born.

A few days before our CW warranty experience, a neighboring RVer gave me the number to Keystone’s warranty department. Therefore, I felt confident, with the Camping World inspection in hand, that I could get satisfaction. Ha!

The person who gave me the Keystone RV phone number had a close friend whose brand new axle cracked in two. Their Montana had so many problems that they were eventually given a replacement. It took a full year, but they did get a replacement.

2018 Keystone Cougar roof failure

Keystone RV Roof Failure

As soon as I hung up with Camping World I called the Keystone number. It was a direct line to the warranty department. I asked the Keystone rep why I would have to waive my rights to get the RV fixed. She politely said that we didn’t.

I was told to e-mail all of the inspection documents to her. Promptly I scanned everything and sent it on to Keystone. She e-mailed receipt of the inspection. Then, we waited, expecting results.

After two weeks I started calling Keystone. I talked to the same representative. She contacted her supervisor to see where the warranty stood. It was a day or two before I received an e-mail response. Their verdict was “wear and tear” and the RV roof failure was not covered.

Wear and tear?

  • Were we having parties up there?
  • Why did the Camping World inspection read “wrong material”?
  • What did “improperly installed” mean?

We paid for a $60,000 unit and seven months the roof let loose. The manufacturer was telling us that we were responsible. Undaunted, I pursued the Keystone RV Warranty Department for another few days.

A supervisor informed me that any inspection had to be submitted by an authorized service center. Additionally, the supervisor assured me that Camping World would never “screw us” (my words). I “knew” they would screw us in a heartbeat and I assured her of that.

Keystone Authorized Service Center

Then began my search for a Keystone authorized service center. There were several in Florida. Most were so packed with warranty work that they were not accepting more. After quite a few phone calls I found an authorized mobile RV service. Unfortunately, we were out of the service area.

2018 Keystone Cougar roof failure - tarped

They made their soonest on-site appointment, three weeks out. Our seven-month-old fifth wheel was trapped under a tarp. We waited for our appointment. I put together a list of more than 20 additional warranty issues including:

  • bedroom door frame so crooked it would not close
  • no caulk around the shower
  • broken refrigerator door
  • exhaust fan stuck on
  • DVD malfunction
  • window frame crooked
  • roof failure, of course
  • and so on

Inspection #2

Appointment day arrived. We “untarped” and traveled over an hour to the inspection. This was a “mom and pop” shop, literally. It was a family business with excellent online reviews; unlike Camping World or Keystone RV.

The technicians climbed around and took pictures of all the issues, including the roof failure. After descending the ladder, the technician shook his head. We told him that Keystone called it, wear and tear. He laughed.

After about an hour of inspecting they finished. We had to sign the inspection, but this one had no contingencies or waiving of rights. The girl who ran the office said we’d receive a detailed report via e-mail in a day or two.

More confident than before, having already paid for our spot, we headed back to “retarp” and wait. As promised, I received a report two days later. First, the inspection confirmed that the roof failure was due to being improperly installed. In addition, the report included the rest of our warranty complaints.

The inspection was submitted to Keystone RV that same day. After several weeks I got a call that Keystone was requiring an additional inspection. We made another appointment, untarped again and pulled our unit to a second, no third, inspection.

Inspection #3

The technicians had done nothing wrong. Keystone RV was requiring additional pictures, duplicates in many instances. Regardless, the techs apologized. It wasn’t their fault; they were thorough the first time.

Two weeks passed before we got a call that “most” of the broken items were covered; but not the RV roof failure. The office manager suggested that I call Keystone myself.

Back to Keystone

I made many phone calls over the next few months. First, Keystone suggested that they could pull the rubber tighter and pin it under the nose cap. That’s what happened at the factory to begin with. Keystone’s representative said that being rubber, the entire roof could easily be stretched.

The cuts for the bedroom vent and several other openings left a very small area for stretching. Next, they suggested that they cut the roof to create a seam. That would toss their “one-piece, seamless roof” promotion out the window.

We fought Keystone RV for months. Obviously, they were trying to wait us out. Our warranty expired in November. Thank God for the service center owners. They went to bat for us.

After months of arguing I was told that Keystone RV had sent them a video on how to “repair” the roof. It would have held long enough to get us out of warranty. The service center refused. The owner told them that the roof needed to be replaced.

Four Months Later

Keystone finally conceded. The service center, knowing I’d been arguing for months, told the rep to call us personally. It was sweet.

I’ll never forget it. I was walking the dog in the hot Florida sun when my phone rang. I recognized the number. It was a less arrogant Keystone RV representative. He told me that they had decided to replace the roof. It took quite a bit of self-control to be civilized.

Into a Hotel

This ordeal lasted four long months, on the heels of a chewed-up axle. Read about that fiasco here.

To get the work done would take more than two weeks. Rather than go home to Colorado and come back to Florida for our unit; or move into a hotel. The hotel seemed the best option. That $1,300 was not refundable, according to Keystone RV.

Credit must again be given to the service center for the low hotel bill. Florida is very expensive, especially over the holidays. Thanksgiving weekend fell during the repair time and the hotel rates skyrocketed. We couldn’t wait any longer because we were cutting the end of our warranty too close. So, the technicians completed the roof and other major items first.

Finally Untarped

The roof was finally replaced. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving they let us pick up our fifth wheel. We were able to spend the holiday up north with friends. After the holiday weekend, we returned. This time we stayed in a park within their mobile range. They only charged us one mobile service fee and came out twice to finish the rest of the warranty work.

Unfortunately, I hesitate to mention the name of the service center that helped us. Due to my poor estimation of Keystone RVs integrity, I hesitate to name names.

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

— John Stuart Mill, 1867

Keystone RV Still Sucks

In closing, the problem, as I see it is that the company is allowed to operate unethically because they’re so big. I fought for justice when our RV roof failed. We were not going to pay thousands to fix a roof just seven months after buying a brand new RV.

By sharing our experiences we can warn other RVers. Eventually, Keystone RV may be forced to evaluate the way they do business. Word of mouth is still the best advertising.

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