Keystone RV Wheel Bearings

On Father’s Day 2018, on our way home to Colorado, our wheel bearings deteriorated. Technically, the wheel bearings deteriorated and chewed up the axle on our six-month-old fifth wheel.

After spending the night in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we headed north. On the ramp to the expressway smoke started pouring from the back axle of our fifth wheel. As a result, we were stuck on the side of the highway for the next six hours.

2018 Keystone Cougar axle damage after six months.

On the side of the road, we found that the wheel was about to come off the axel. We called Good Sam Roadside Assistance. However, our complimentary year was never registered. Read that story here.

Towing was not an option. It took quite a while to find a Santa Fe, mobile mechanic to help. It was Sunday and a holiday.

2018 Keystone Cougar RV wheel bearings deteriorated after six months.

The mechanic found the problem. The RV wheel bearings had deteriorated and destroyed one axle. Ergo, the tire was about to fly off and there was nothing to screw it back on to. Additionally, the bearings on the second axle were deteriorating. Those bearings had yet to do damage to the other axle.

Heading Home

The Santa Fe mechanic ordered a new axle and wheel bearings from the axle manufacturer. Consequently, we left for home without our unit.

It took two weeks for the axle to be delivered from Indiana to New Mexico. The mechanics installed the axle the day it arrived. We drove back to New Mexico to pick up our unit.

In the end, I can say that David Burns and his mechanics were awesome. On the other hand, there was Keystone RV. We paid $1,300 in labor costs. Ergo, I contacted Keystone directly for a reimbursement. That process took several weeks.

However, we got a reimbursement approval just in time for the next fiasco. The roof failed weeks later.

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