Keystone RV Sucks!

I created this blog to give RVers a place to share their Camping World encounters. It’s not a fancy website, just a place to share the Camping World consumer experience. So few reviews that I’ve read were positive that I’m assuming this space is necessary.

After dealing with Camping World personally, we came to the conclusion that Camping World sucks. Our own experiences fill the first two posts. First is our sales experience in Monticello, Minnesota. Second, our warranty repair experience in Bartow, Florida. From what I’ve read it doesn’t matter where you are; it’s the company standard.


Also, I’ve spent some time reading other experiences, including Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints. The BBB website gives them one-star on customer reviews then gave them an A+ rating. What is that about?

After this lame response, the BBB marks the complaint as answered. Furthermore, when the company does anything in response, the BBB reports the complaint resolved.

BBB Keystone RV Complaints Screenshot

Complaint after complaint that is marked resolved was not resolved in the customer’s eyes. Find out for yourself. For instance, I invite you to visit the BBB website and do your own research. In addition to the BBB, I checked out They give them one or two stars.

An Attempt for Change

It may be useless, but maybe, someday, the company will change its’ business practices. A little integrity goes a long way. In the end, I’m hoping future RV consumers will be warned by posting authentic Keystone RV experiences.

These posts are not categorized because most will be warranty encounters. Please contribute your story and let’s hope for change.

Also, I’ve posted our warranty repair experience with Keystone on Same issue, lack of integrity. It is our my opinion that Keystone and Camping World are in bed together. We experienced a team effort to rip us off.

Above all, we need a multitude of experiences publicized to facilitate change. Please contribute your experiences.


This site is in no way profitable. No products or services will be sold on No advertising will be accepted from retailers or contributors. This site is solely for consumers to share their Keystone RV experiences.

4 thoughts on “Keystone RV Sucks!”

  1. Condensation everyday till we paid for our cap to be sprayed with insulation.Came in on T.V.,fireplace,front window. Aprox.$2k, never did hear back from Keysone except not our problem. New 2018 Alpine 3700FL. Have had other minor problems. The RV industry needs to be held accountable. They might have money as a whole ,but we have more if you put us all togeather.

  2. Where do I start and when does it end? Blinds that have self destructed, dealer damage RV Country won’t stand up for or address. A stove replaced before we even pick up the unit. Replacement was never correctly hooked up resulting in dangerous gas leak. Floor damage from something left on floor during repairs. Furnace board blew out but it took 2 different dealers to figure it out and the thermostat still has been replaced.
    The list goes on but bad advertising is the answer.
    I’m having a full rear body wrap on my new Montana stating how bad Keystone sucks.
    “DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A KEYSTONE PRODUCT” !!! You’ll receive substandard service and poor quality!
    Worth every penny I have to pay. You can’t sue em because of the mediation clause but if we all wrap our rides that’ll cause squeaking wheels to get greased.

  3. Brand new 34 MLS keystone slide-out screwed up broke a weld the whole wall move in and out away from frame they wouldn’t cover it under warranty said that owners must have hung on something sliding it in or out no damage to slideout at all how can as a owner you close the slideout and hit something hard enough to break a weld but no damage to slide out my attorney will be in touch keystone suck my ass hole 😀

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