Keystone RV Sucks!

I created this blog to give RVers a place to share their Camping World encounters. It’s not a fancy website, just a place to share the Camping World consumer experience. So few reviews that I’ve read were positive that I’m assuming this space is necessary.

After dealing with Camping World personally, we came to the conclusion that Camping World sucks. Our own experiences fill the first two posts. First is our sales experience in Monticello, Minnesota. Second, our warranty repair experience in Bartow, Florida. From what I’ve read it doesn’t matter where you are; it’s the company standard.


Also, I’ve spent some time reading other experiences, including Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints. The BBB website gives them one-star on customer reviews then gave them an A+ rating. What is that about?

After this lame response, the BBB marks the complaint as answered. Furthermore, when the company does anything in response, the BBB reports the complaint resolved.

BBB Keystone RV Complaints Screenshot

Complaint after complaint that is marked resolved was not resolved in the customer’s eyes. Find out for yourself. For instance, I invite you to visit the BBB website and do your own research. In addition to the BBB, I checked out They give them one or two stars.

An Attempt for Change

It may be useless, but maybe, someday, the company will change its’ business practices. A little integrity goes a long way. In the end, I’m hoping future RV consumers will be warned by posting authentic Keystone RV experiences.

These posts are not categorized because most will be warranty encounters. Please contribute your story and let’s hope for change.

Also, I’ve posted our warranty repair experience with Keystone on Same issue, lack of integrity. It is our my opinion that Keystone and Camping World are in bed together. We experienced a team effort to rip us off.

Above all, we need a multitude of experiences publicized to facilitate change. Please contribute your experiences.


This site is in no way profitable. No products or services will be sold on No advertising will be accepted from retailers or contributors. This site is solely for consumers to share their Keystone RV experiences.

11 thoughts on “Keystone RV Sucks!”

  1. Condensation everyday till we paid for our cap to be sprayed with insulation.Came in on T.V.,fireplace,front window. Aprox.$2k, never did hear back from Keysone except not our problem. New 2018 Alpine 3700FL. Have had other minor problems. The RV industry needs to be held accountable. They might have money as a whole ,but we have more if you put us all togeather.

  2. Camping world SUCKS as well !! My Keystone Sprinter 5th wheel was eating tires at a rate of one set every 2 to 3 thousand miles. I called Keystone , they said get it to an authorized keystone dealer for inspection. The closest one was Camping World in St. Augustine Fl. ( now Gander RV ) I made an appointment for an alignment and had to wait almost 2 months for it. I dropped it off on the appointed date, a Monday, and they said they would have an answer by Friday. Friday came and went, so did Monday. I called on Tuesday and was told that the alignment guy never showed but he was coming the next day and I would have an answer by Friday. WELL, Friday came and went ( you see where this is going ? ) I call on , yes, Tuesday and was told the alignment guy did not show AGAIN !! But he called and told them to check how level my rig was towing when hooked up to my truck, so they need my truck there to check that. St. Augustine is 80 miles one way, but, I drive over there so they can check it. I hook-up and drive to the side of the building to find a level spot. A guy comes out in a golf cart, drives around my rig, and says yep she is nice and level, we just have to wait for the alignment guy. OK I have had enough !! I am taking it home. I say what are the damages? I am thinking, it has been there 3 weeks, they HAVE NOT touched it, but I figure the were going to charge me SOMETHING probably the posted 1 hour minimum charge, $140. They wanted $460 for a diagnostic charge %$#%^& WHAT??? I offered them the $140 ( for doing NOTHING ) They said they would not let me go until the bill was paid. I said I am all hooked up, I am leaving, At first the guy stood in front of me like he was going to get tough, as I walked around him he said he was going to call the police. I said OK BYE !! Later that day I was at my local Goodyear store for service to my truck, I tell them the whole sorry story. They said , the guy who has that portable laser alignment equipment lives right down the street and was coming to do a fire truck that very afternoon and he would be happy to do my RV at that time. I run back home to get the RV. Yes I have a bent axle ( How that happened I will never know) He told me he was NEVER called by Camping world about my RV and HE does ALL their work. The new axle was installed by the Goodyear shop. The total axle cost, including shipping was $1065 . Goodyear shop charged me $480 for the install of the axle, 4 new bearing buddies, and 2 new tires. I never did hear from Camping World again, but they still have a spare set of my camper keys.

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  4. We have a 2017 Keystone Premire 26RBS, we had lots of small problems like furnace duct work not connected properly, saw dust everywhere they cut a hole for electrical or plumbing, strapping on the ceiling falling off. The bigger problems are CO2 not going off when one of the stove dial were left on by mistake. Biggest problem was the axle pin was not set into hole provided which has caused our trailer to lean to the right and wear out our tires and cause a leak to one of the grey tanks. We had no idea the trailer was leaning until we were followed by family and they took pics.
    Keystone was sent pictures of the axle pin out of place, the condition of our tires and of the grey tank leak, our trailer was at the dealership for over 8 months trying to sort out who’s problem this was, warranty company says its a manufacturing defect, Keystone blamed DEXTER who makes the axels, but DEXTER does not assemble the trailers. In the end Keystone says it’s our fault as we overloaded our trailer.
    Keystone will not take responsibility for their poor workmanship, in the end we had to pay to get our trailer back, not happy and do not recommend any trailers that are under the THOR umbrella.
    Lots more to this story this is just a condensed version…
    To anyone who is looking for a trailer please do your homework and investigate the trailer company and see if they fall under THOR industries.

  5. We bought our keystone avalanche 375rd a couple months ago, brand new…..nothing but problems, sewer and grey lines are reversed, a/c and furnace had to be totally rewired, none of the sinks or shower faucets would let water come out, brakes had to be rewired….holy crap a huge POS!!! Waste of 64k!!! We are using a mobile mechanic to repair, thank god for them since we live over an hour from any dealer and stay in oura every weekend….biggest waste of $ we have ever spent but they wont do anything about it

  6. We purchased a 2019 Cougar 26 RBS in early July, on our first camping trip we noticed a leak coming from the front cap window when it rained, mattress soaked . We took it back to dealership for repair, they had it a little over 3 weeks. They took window out, corrected issue in the seal around window along with a few other little things ( interior cosmetics ). We had our first rain since we got our trailer back and of course went in to see if the new seal job had worked. It had, but our floor was flooded and carpet soaked where out slide had leaked. The skylight over the shower had leaked as well. We will be taking it in this week for repair. Our dealer has our trailer more than we do. Thankful it’s still under warranty but starting to wonder if we will ever be able to use it!!

  7. 2019 Keystone Carbon wore tires out within 1000 miles after being at dealer for over 7 months a guy from lippert finally came and relocated one side of spring hangers. We now have tire rubbing on the underbelly and many other issues. Keystone just told me to go away because by now it is out of warre nty! We were lied to so many times, it is just a piece of junk!

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